ASMDA abstract

Many people are involved in getting products and services to market. Their knowledge about markets, customers, competitors, products and services is held in many different ways and is shared usually via simple systems, such as email, and represented as documents and presentations.

Knowledge management in the marketing function has been limited to ad hoc knowledge sharing, with limited access to intellectual capital. We have been developing frameworks, known as routes to market, which allow knowledge and the competencies needed to get products and services to market to be managed, so that resources, such as skills and the marketing budget, can be allocated optimally.

We shall show that optimisation techniques can be applied to routes to market to optimise the mix of market share, profit and brand objectives for maximum share or profit.



Nick is an experienced executive with global experience and strengths in business development, marketing and partner management, with strong communications, project management and team development skills.

Nick specialises in:

  • routes to market
  • channel value
  • customer centricity
  • marketing innovation.


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